Thursday, January 7, 2010

As bad as it seems to be...

Yesterday I spent four hours in the hospital with my daughter having some tests done. She spent three days in the hospital in December and we are trying to figure out what is wrong.

Tomorrow I meet with a surgeon to see if I need surgery of my own -- again.

My grandson has spent more nights in the hospital in his four months than many people spend their entire lives. And my daughter spent two weeks in the hospital -- after 14 weeks of bed rest during her pregnancy.

Don't pity us. We have it easy. There are others who have it far worse

I met a parent while at the hospital who was finishing up his fourth month visiting his sick child. There are others, battling diseases that we wouldn't wish upon our worst enemies, that fight day in and day out to live another day, week or month.

And we, the healthy ones, are the ones that complain.

I asked the nurse who took care of my daughter yesterday if she wouldn't mind running a blood pressure check on me. Guess what, it was elevated. Too much traffic, paperwork, and other trivial matters are getting to me.

Why? Things that don't really matter, matter too much. And that has to stop.

Think about ridding yourselves of the worry over trivial things. I know I am.

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