Saturday, August 1, 2009

When the going gets tough...

Let's just say it hasn't been an easy week.
Okay, the word is out that we are opening a gym. Our target is September 1, and we have been working like dogs to get ready. Fortunately, we have had many of our students (along with spouses, and kids) helping us paint, build, clean, and do all the nasty prep work. Unfortunately, on Monday evening, one of our sub letters backed out of the arrangement, leaving us with an extra 2500 feet of space (and the accompanying rent payment to go with it).
That evening, I mistakenly set a pitcher of caffeinated iced tea next to my bed, instead of my usual decaf tea. (I do try and stay hydrated all evening). Needless to say, I didn't sleep particularly well. (I'm sure the increased cost of business had something to do with it as well.), so Tuesday was a rather loooooooong day.
Tuesday night, my daughter was admitted to the hospital with pregnancy complications. She lives in California, so I did not find out about it until Wednesday. A great way to start a busy day.
Thursday brought some unpleasant personal news as well, and Friday, I was just plain ill.
Needless to say, I was unable to work out with my usual gusto all week, and am feeling the physical effects of a trying 168 hours.
But that didn't stop me from growing mentally. I spent Thursday and Friday afternoons and evenings reading and rereading some of the best training books ever. The Naked Warrior by Pavel was a great kick in the head as to how I should be focusing my training to get stronger. Beyond Bodybuilding, also by Pavel is the ultimate guide to strength techniques that are lost on many of us, until we actually try them.
And, Joe Hashey's Bull Strength Manual is a killer guide to some unconventional methods of getting in true athletic shape. I must confess that we will use many o Joe's exercises wen our gym opens in a month.
My point is that even when we are not feeling up to snuff physically, there are ways to train that do not tax your body. In fact, the renewed mental focus has me feeling better already.

If you would like The Naked Warrior, Beyond Bodybuilding, or any of Pavel's other books, go to and click on the products page. The link to dragon door will give you access to a wealth of information.

For Joe Hashey's book, go to It is well worth it.