Thursday, September 3, 2009

Learn from my mistakes

I sit here writing in intense pain. And I have no one to blame but myself.
I was training on Sunday, when I felt a pop in my back. I thought nothing of it, and continued my session. It didn't hurt Sunday night, an even into Monday (okay, it hurt a little). But that didn't stop the testosterone in my system to try (and complete) a workout Monday afternoon. In my mind, even after all the years of experience I have training, I didn't want to miss a workout.
By Monday night, my back was hurting tremendously.Since I have had disk problems before, I chalked it up to a bulging disk, and followed the protocol of rest and muscle relaxers to ease the pain.
That didn't work, and by Wednesday, I was begging for someone to kill me. No such luck, nobody tossed a toaster into my bathtub, and I couldn't get the number to Michael Jackson's doctor.
So I called my own doctor, who, unfortunately doesn't believe in euthanasia. He did however, make an initial diagnosis of a strained, or torn lat muscle, which, as I said before, is very painful.
The worst part, however, is the recovery period -- 2 to 8 weeks.
So instead of missing one or two training sessions, I am potentially missing 24 sessions.
Not smart.
And at the absolute worst time. We are scheduled to open our new gym this week, and I am on the disabled list. What a role model.
But I have always believed that when life gives you lemons, you pick them up and throw them at someone. In my case, I am tossing them at myself.
I am spending my downtime reading and rereading training manuals (especially the parts about training while hurt), and watching training videos, and listening to speakers on my ipod. While, I cannot go out and practice these lessons right now, I will recover with my mind fully recharged.
And you had better believe I will listen to my body next time.
So please, learn from my mistake.