Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Been awhile...

My resolution for 2010 is to be better at keeping this updated. That shouldn't be that hard to do, as I kinda sucked at blogging this past year. Okay, no kinda about it. I sucked. No excuses.

My other resolutions:
1. Train smarter. I made progress in 2009, but still have a ways to go. I am realizing that I am getting older, and that smart training beats "balls to the wall" training every time. Not that smart training cannot be intense. Intense training has to be done with a purpose.
2. Make time for the parts of training I tend to neglect. That means relaxation and flexibility. And that doesn't mean stretching or stretching's sake. Stretch smart. Train smart.
3. Continue on the path of education. I am continuing my kettlebell and movement training by pursuing my CK-FMS certification in May. I am also planning on attending the International Youth Conditioning Association Summit in February (my reservations are already made for both). I will continue to look for other opportunities to broaden my knowledge base.
4. Be more positive. When times get tough, all too often we focus on the negative. Myself included. By maintaining a positive outlook, especially when times are tough, I will be better prepared for the challenges that arise every day.
5. Get back into writing and presentations. Although I have won awards with my writing, I haven't written seriously in years. I think it is time to return to my roots. On the same note, I started doing motivational and informational presentations in 2009. That I can continue.
6. Spend more quality time in relaxation mode. It sounds funny to resolve to relax, but giving myself down time, and setting aside time for my family will enable me to keep my other resolutions. I tell clients to rest (Even God rested on the seventh day), yet i don't always follow my own advice. That will change.

Now, the goal aspect o 2010. 2009 saw me hit three of my five goals. I was under 180 pounds on my birthday (even lighter than I was in college 25 years ago!), and I hit 200 snatches (actually 223) in 10:00 with a 24k kettlebell. I also managed to row a million meters on my rower. I didn't hit 1,000 snatches non-stop and the 500 snatch series, as injuries took their toll. (See above about training smarter and relaxing!).

For 2010, my physical goals are simple:
1. Pull up my age. I've been working on Will Williams' pullup protocol and see no reason I cannot hit 45 pullups non-stop before my birthday in October. If I wait until after October, I have to do 46.
2. 240 snatches in 10:00 with the 24k bell. I amazed myself at how "easy" it was to hit 200 snatches, and blast through that barrier. Now, with some hard and smart conditioning, I should be able to hit 240.
3. Run at least one road race/triathlon/bike race. Many years ago I was competitive, but fell out of it because of time constraints. With better time management and smarter training, I should be able to compete in at least one event.
4. Reach the two 2009 goals I missed. Don't quit. It is that simple.

I challenge everyone out there to write down your own resolutions and goals. Keep them with you and use them as a daily reminder of what you need to do.