Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Goals and programming

I often get asked about my workouts, probably because they are usually crazy. Unfortunately, along with that, my workouts are often copied because they are very challenging.
What people don't understand is that I have goals, and a mapped out plan on how to get there. I don't arbitrarily do a workout because it is "cool" or especially difficult. I have specific training plans because they fit my training goals.
Currently I am working on Kenneth Jay's program to increase my VO2 max. This "Viking Conditioning" is three days of my week, while the other three days are grind or strength days, if I go a full six days. I often do not.
The conditioning portion of the cycle is spelled out: High repetition kb snatches, for specific durations. (For the full details of the program, buy Ken Jay's book, Viking Conditioning, at It is a great read.)
For the strength portion of the training, the workouts are not as rigid. I usually go with what I feel needs work, with at least one day a week of TGUs and pistols the only requirement.
Not happy with my shoulder press? I work presses. Need grip work? Heavy swings will help.
I know where I want to be, and by what date. My training is what will get me there.
If you want a great workout to challenge you once in awhile, take one I have done and try it. If you want a program to help meet specific goals, come up with target dates and call me. I'll help you set one up!
Remember if you fail to plan, you are planning to fail.

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