Thursday, February 18, 2010

A little quick fun...

My friend Scott stopped by today for a quick workout. Scott is one of the trainers I respect because he cares, he thinks, and is not caught up in himself. So naturally, I had to do a workout with him. Here is our day...

Warmup...10 minutes of 15 kettlebell swings on the minute. Total of 150 swings, basic, but effective in getting the heart moving and maintaining the basics.

We then did a short circuit:
Kettlebell swings
Pull ups
Bodyweight squats
Battling ropes

30 seconds on, 15 seconds to move to the next exercise. 5 total rounds, 15 total minutes.

Short and sweet, 25 total minutes of work, and an additional 10 minutes of social BS.

Not bad for an impromptu workout.

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