Saturday, July 11, 2009

What happens in Vegas...

As I write this I am sitting in the business center at the Paris Hotel, site of the National Strength and Conditioning Association's 32nd Annual Conference. for the past three days, and for the next 10 hours I am sitting through session after session of relevant, science-based information for the strength and fitness industry.
Like any other conference, there are good and bad presentations. I have been mostly fortunate. I have had the pleasure of sitting through seven hours of Gray Cook and Lee Burton outlining their Functional Movement Screen and its effects on human movement, both for athletes and non-athletes alike.
Those who know me, know how much I respect Gray and his research. To have seven hours of his time, teaching me how to better screen my clients is priceless. And better screening only makes me a better trainer.
Interestingly, Dragon Door announced yesterday its schedule for the 2010 Certified Kettlebell Functional Movement Screen Workshop for next May. Was it a sign that my email buzzed with this announcement while I was sitting in Gray's presentation? I don't know, but I plan on being there in May.
I spent time learning about rotational athletes (We are all rotational athletes), and have some new drills for them, as well as some new torture for my hockey kids. (Be very afraid).
Most of my traditional clients will benefit as well -- Todd Durkin, who is LaDanian Tomlinson's trainer, brought some new perspectives into my training. Even though I have been to many of Todd's presentations in the past, and have visited his facility on several occasions, he never fails to bring new ideas to the table.
And speaking to many of my fellow delegates, the reason we are here is not simply to get some continuing education credits, but to learn how to do our jobs better. The attendees here are the best of the best, willing to put thousands of dollars on the line (it is Vegas, afterall), and take time out of our weeks, to learn. We don't simply read articles in the latest consumer magazine. We get out, interact, and question the leaders in the industry.
Rest assured, what is happening here in Vegas will not stay in Vegas.

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