Tuesday, May 26, 2009

The RKC Family

When I first started martial arts, and passed my first belt test, I thought I knew everything. I had mastered my white belt forms, one steps, and techniques. I had arrived.

Or so I thought.

There was a new set of requirements to learn, memorize and perform. Mastery was out of the question here, as I was constantly hounded by my instructor about improper footwork, kicks, and hand position. Even when I thought I was perfect, I was nitpicked. And with good reason.

It was that way through orange, green, blue, purple, red and brown belts. The more I learned, the less I felt I knew. When I earned my black belts, I realized just how much I did not know.

The same is true with training. As a Certified Russian Kettlebell Instructor, I have passed a stringent and physically demanding test protocol. Like my black belts, the letters RKC were not handed to me. They were earned.

And like my black belts, those letters come with a responsibility to keep on learning, and striving for perfection in my technique, instruction, and health.

Fortunately, I am surrounded by much more learned RKCs. Individuals like Dave Whitley, Dr. Mark Cheng, Brett Jones, and Gray Cook have paved the way with their research and insight into training techniques, physical movement, and in many cases brutal challenges to make all RKCs better.

The commitment these individuals have to their craft is unsurpassed. And, in a way it challenges all other RKCs to be the best they can be. After all, if Dave Whitley can take the time for me, I owe it to my clients, my profession and my RKC family to do the same.

It is one reason I am proud to be an RKC.

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  1. I get to post your first comment! I am anxious to read all about your training. Welcome!